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From: Gail Beason
Date: Mon, Aug 20, 2012 at 10:50 PM
Subject: MTA-Talent Report Wk of 8-13 to 8-18-12
To: John Wieczorek , John Limb , Evan Lasley , John Tyler , Andrew Seles , Chris Mathas , Gretchen Howard , Janice Limb , Alan Journet

Here’s an update from last week’s MTA-Talent activities. It was a busy MTA week, and we thank John L. for coming to our Talent meeting on Tuesday 8-15, and he and Linda for shoring up the troops at the Talent City Council meeting on Wednesday 8-16. On Friday 8-18, the MTA table was up at the Talent Evening Market.

We only had 4 of the original 13 “founding” members of MTA-T on Tuesday, but got a lot done. Lynne Likens was elected chair of this city group to provide a little structure to our activity. Gail reported on her first meeting with the Steering Committee, John L. had good information and tips to share from the county and brought T-Shirts to sell at the Friday market, and we talked about the 8/25 meeting; Lynne agreed to staff a merchandise table at the 8/25 county meeting in Medford, Tina Logan will work on the flyers project, Mary Bishop will hold next month’s meeting on September 11. We’d sent an email to our list (Don Chapin’s format) of 70-plus, and John L. said he’d send a short follow-up to the larger Talent list he has about attending the City Council Meeting.

We had good support from about a dozen people, including John L. and Linda S. at the Talent City Council meeting on Wednesday evening. The council did discuss the subject somewhat, acknowledged that they’d received materials including copies of the Ashland Advisory Question on Tuesday. Iris (last name unknown) who I’ve known as an activist in Talent for some years, spoke strongly for Move to Amend and the need to have it on the ballot. But it went down on a 3 to 2 vote, with the Mayor in opposition but not voting. What seemed the primary reason for inaction is that the dissenters feared that if they accommodated MTA, they would be besieged by all sorts of other groups to do the same. In fairness, they also had a lot of other business on their minds. Gail will be researching the election code to get the admissible format for ballot petitions, and the number of signatures needed for a future election. Lynne and Mary will continue to find venues for tabling,Tina has downloaded the flyer and will get it put up around Talent.

The Friday market was quiet this week, with (reportedly) a peace fair at Jackson Hot Springs in competition for Talent market goers. We did get three new sign-ups; we didn’t sell any t-shirts. There are two more Fridays before the market closes for the season. But we are researching and plan to participate in the Talent Harvest Festival in early October with a table, and also PARTICIPATION IN THE PARADE. This in caps, because we hope to draw from Ashland for marchers to beef up our clan (and a banner and whatever other goodies are left over from the 4th of July MTA entry). Following are the three new signees:

Kaye Starre, 249 Wimer, Ashland; Kayestrre@hotmail; 509-881-1956
Trish Fraser, 9020 Yank Gulch Road, Talent; Trishfraser@g.com; 541-535-1166
Melisa Ireland, 100 N. Pacific Hwy #99, Talent; animalslovmel@yahoo.com; 541-727-1512

John L or Linda … can you do a match of our 70 and your full Talent list, and would you please send us the one we don’t have. Thanks.

Regards, Gail Beason


Aug 14 and 15 minutes
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FROM: Lynne Likens

TO: bob brazeau
Ellen Gardner
cathy langley
Don Chapin
Dorothy Vogel
Frank Jones
Gail Beason
Mary Bishop
Deborah Rothschild

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Monday, August 20, 2012 11:18 AM
Minutes for August 14, 2012 and Aug 15, city council meeting.
Move to Amend-Talent Division
Aug 14 Present: John Limb, from Jackson County MTA, Gail Beason, Mary Bishop, Tina Logan, Lynne Likens.

#1. The first order of business was to establish a chair. Gail nominated Lynne. Seconded by Mary. Lynne accepted.

#2. Gail, as liaison to JC MTA, gave her report. There is a steering committee meeting on Aug 25, Saturday, starting at 9am. All are invited, this is a good time to meet people in the MTA and to find out what other towns are doing.
Ashland’s council voted to put the MTA resolution on their ballot.

#3. The Talent city council meeting was the following evening Aug 15 and I’ll report on that meeting now: It was decided by a 2-3 vote that the Talent city council would not pass a resolution nor put it on the ballot and to do so we must collect signatures to get on the ballot. This will not be hard to do but will take an effort. If you want to hear the reasoning of the council members go to cityoftalent.org. The council minutes are always interesting, as many topics are discussed and acted upon.

#4. The table at the Friday Market is where our signatures have been obtained and how we have been getting our message out. The cost of the table for the season is $100 and we are accepting contributions to pay for this. The max amount per person that we will accept is $10. We have sold over 100 bumper stickers and some window signs. We also now have T-shirts. There are only two more markets so please come by, bring a chair, buy a bumper sticker or a T-shirt and show your support for MTA.

#5. Outreach activities were discussed. Tina can fit flyer making and distribution into her schedule. This is an important mechanism to make our message visible so thank you Tina. Mary likes to table and will be continuing after the Fri Mkt is over. Thank you Mary. Gail is researching the number of signatures and the correct sign-up forms needed to get our MTA resolution on the ballot. We probably won’t make the Nov ballot, but we’ll catch the next one.

#6. The next MTA meeting is Sept 11 at Mary’s 258 Christopher Way at 7pm. We meet the 2nd Tuesday of every month.
ONE LAST ITEM: we are planning to be at the Talent Harvest Fair, October 6 and to be in the parade. Mark the date and attend to show your support, while having a good time. Bring your family! Submitted by L.Likens


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