6 Tips for Writing Letters to the Editor

  1. Be sure to include your name, address and phone. They may call you to confirm he first time you write. Send to letters@mailtribune.com
    or tidingsopinion@dailytidings.com
  2. You only get one letter per month. The newspaper keeps count from the day your letter appears in print.
  3. Letters are read by many so this is a powerful and efficient way to
    get your points across.
  4. The limit is 200 words -this is for the Mail Tribune and 250 for the
    Tidings- unless it’s an op-ed piece
  5. Choose your tone and content with forethought. Pass up ‘flinging
    arrows’ back at any opposition. The readers most likely to be persuaded by the merit of the points made by your letter and how civil your words are.  Remember, a vast majority of folks on the right and the left are concerned about the corrupting influence of money in our political system and in PACs – help educate and explain and remind folks that this is a non partisan issue.
  6.  It helps to use software such as Microsoft Office Word to keep track
    of the number of words. If you are over (don’t count the date/your
    name and address and phone number which you need to provide) orthe paper will not print the letter. At some point they will inform you butbe patient in waiting for your letter to appear. Sometimes they are
    published in clumps.


Thanks for contributing to this effort. It really helps.